R & D

Our Research and Development Department covers many engineering disciplines. There is no simple way to put it, because what they do is anything but simple.

Various teams work in different areas all contributing to the smoothly operating systems of the most technologically advanced hypercar in the world as well as many more high-performance vehicles:

The department is split into electrical and mechanical engineering, electrical covering:

System Engineering designs the system requirements for the products based on client requirements.
Embedded Hardware Engineering develops hardware platforms for Battery management Systems, In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems and Motor Control Systems.
Embedded Software Engineering writes the software for all the components developed by Rimac, from inverters and the battery packs, to the small smart LEDs for the C_Two infotainment, or software controlling comfort functionalities. Defining how different parts of the car communicate with each other, ESW contributes to the entire car architecture. (Electronics, electronics, electronics.)
Testing ensures products are bug-free, all safety requirements are fulfilled, and the highest quality is achieved. (Test, recover, test again)
Software department develops the software that drives the most powerful portion of the automotive HMI - screens. The team also develops the in-vehicle portion of our telemetry system, supporting our M2M software development team.
Control Engineering makes the algorithms that make high-performance safe, enabling the car to run at impossible speeds. 
CAE department dreams up the thermal stability and mechanical integrity of different high performing electrical and mechanical components. They are also responsible for system analysis of the cooling and hydraulic systems, as well as for optimization of energy consumption.

while mechanical engineering covers:
Powertrain engineering- developing motors, gearboxes and inverter architectures, from A sample to D sample.
and Battery System Engineering- big enough to have their own section of the web site. Carry on…

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