Production & Assembly

Craft the world’s most powerful hypercar, bytes to bolts.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing all the key electrification systems for our hypercars, most of the vehicle parts, and electric powertrain technology that enables many high-performance EVs and HEVs on the market. Our approach is innovative, efficient, and thoroughly.

For the powertrain systems: motors, gearboxes, and inverters to the buttons and knobs on the infotainment, Rimac is where everything happens. Our in-house production process starts with a white sheet of paper and 3D modeling, then engineering and simulating with several loops back to design and repeat. The process continues with tool development, tool CAM programming & tool machining (positive), composite tool production (negative), carbon lamination, carbon curing, bonding, trimming, and painting. Finally, sub-assembly production and assembly to the vehicle. Each and every single step involves people focused on creating state-of-the-art components, whether it is a PCB board, a battery housing, or a high-gloss central console knob.

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